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The Alaska railroad does offer job opportunities, and the best way to take advantage of these is through the company's website. Look at their frequently asked questions or apply by contacting the company directly. There are many different kinds of opportunities available, from engineering to sales, financial services, management, or customer service. One of the largest barriers for most potential employees, however, is the location. Most management positions are located in Anchorage, but other positions are spread across the line. For most Americans, the job is only workable if you are willing to make a significant move. On the other hand, this challenge can also be an advantage. Other qualified people in your field may not be willing or able to move to Alaska for this opportunity, leaving better wages and more career choices for you. In addition, working the railroad could let you enjoy a major tourist attraction for free. If you love beautiful scenery and are looking for a significant career change, this may be the perfect job opportunity for you.
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Alaska Railroad History

The Alaska railroad was built at the beginning of the 1900's and grest through several acquisitions. Today, the raile line is 500 miles long, running from Seward and Whittier in southern Alaska, through Anchorage and terminating in Fairbanks. The rail line is currently owned by the state of Alaska and has been profitable. The Alaska railroad carries passengers and freight, but is not connected to any other North American railroad lines by land. Instead, a group of rail barges carry freight to the lower 48 states.

One of the popular venues of the Alaska railroad is for tourists, wanting to see the state. Fares are relatively inexpensive, and the scenery along the route is breathtaking. Naturally, the train is also crucial for moving large amounts of freight inland. As the major rail line in the state, the Alaska railroad is also quite secure with little to worry about from competitors.

There is a possibility of expansion in the future, and basic plans have been set out for a line to connect the Alaska railroad with the other states via the Yukon. However, there are also significant political barriers to this project, and it will be many years before measurable progress is made.

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