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CSX Railroad History

The CSX Railroad is wholly-owned subsidiary of CSX Corporation. CSX Transportation is the operating arm of CSX Corp. that oversees the railway. The railroad was the result of a 1986 merger between Seaboard System Railroad and Chessie System, Inc. Consequently, CSX is young compared to most rail companies. The "CSX" name came from company lawyers in need of something to call the new company during merger talks. They came up with "CSX" in lieu of CSC & CSM, as those were already taken. C stands for Chessie, S for Seaboard and X, the multiplication symbol, was intended to represent the company as "so much more." CSX also grew by absorbing other railroads-namely, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and a joint absorption of Consolidated Rail Corp. with Norfolk Southern.

About CSX Current

  • The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • CSX services much of the US east coast, with a few routes to Canadian cities.
  • CSX runs lines in 20 states plus a couple Canadian provinces, totaling 21,000 miles of tracks.
  • CSX is known for naming locomotives: oftentimes with the pattern of "Spirit of ..."
  • CSX is divided in to 2 main divisions ("Northern" and "Southern"), and also has 10 subdivisions.
  • The CSX trains have been the object of efficiency studies and have received multiple awards in that area. Some of the better-known trains they run are the Tropicana "Juice Train" a testimony to the efficacy of rail transport for perishable goods. They also run a quality "Coke" (the fuel) line to steel industries in the northeast. CSX also has a trash train that runs out of NYC.

CSX Railroad Jobs

There are thousands of jobs available through CSX. These range from conductor to finance IT to track worker. CSX has a position that will allow you to grow your skill set, and also pay you well for your time. CSX's job openings are up-and-down the east coast, so they might have one available near you. This flexibility for locations is one of the advantages of working for a railroad. Rail work is also statistically safe and historically this kind of employment has been for the middle class. The best way to find one of the positions is through their website or by contacting the company directly.

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