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Long Island Railroad History

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is a commuter train system, and is the only one of its kind that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being open around the clock allows LIRR to transport over 81 million travelers annually. LIRR is made up of 124 stations and is routed over 700 miles of track. Established in 1834, the LIRR is still working under its original name and charter. LIRR is under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), a publically owned organization under the leadership of chairman and CEO, Jay H. Walder. Freight services are handled by the New York Railway and the Atlantic Railway, which runs on some LIRR tracks but uses its own equipment and crews.

Employment Opportunities and Jobs

The best way to find LIRR jobs with LIRR is through its website. Each agency under the MTA banner has a separate employment page on the MTA website. This information can be accessed at MTA. LIRR allows you to search for job openings as well as complete an online resume that can be used for all jobs on the site.


  • How far you are you going? Unlike the subway system in New York City, the LIRR fares are based on how far a commuter travels. The pickup zone and destination zone are taken into account, and the same fare applies for any station within a particular zone.
  • Ticket Types. There are a many ticket options with the LIRR, including one-way, round trip and peak and off-peak tickets. There are also special rates for senior citizens and disabled passengers. When traveling within zones 1 through 3, there are special weekend rates.

Special Events

LIRR runs extra trains to accommodate increased commuting needs during certain times of the day, including:
  • Citi Field. LIRR significantly increases the number of trains traveling between Woodside and Mets-Willets Point from April to October so that Mets fans have easy access to the home games.
  • The Circus. Every year, LIRR operates the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus train. This is a non-commuter train, but it certainly draws large crowds as it travels from Long Island City to Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Garden City.
  • Belmont Park. LIRR runs daily trains to the track during the spring and fall race meet season, as well as heavy increases on the day of the Stakes race.

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