The Book - How to get the top railroad jobs.

Learn how to get hired for a high paying railroad job by understanding the in and outs of the railroad industry.

Find out how you can help yourself avoid the common pit falls of railroad job interviewing and land yourself your dream rail job.

Don't sell yourself short by thining the railroad is an eqsy place to land a rail job for every person.

Start using the powerful knowledge, tips and proven strategies in the report "Railroad Jobs Guide", you could find yourslef working for a railroad in just a few short weeks.

Railroad Job Guide Book
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Railroad Job Guide - The Book

Learn what railways look for in employees.

Learn tips and strategies that apply to all railways including Pacific Railroad, BNSF Railroad, "CSX Railroad, Norfolk Southern and Amtrack.

The railroads are very selective; learn the rules, requirements and idiosyncrosicyies that are unique to the railroad industry.

Learn how to get hired for a top railroad job and the highest paying railroad jobs even if your job history and resumes aren't up to par - you learn how to seperate yourself form the pack.

Testimonials from thos ewho have purchased the Railroad Job Guide

"I'm 60 and was hired by UP. The book taught me that persisnace pays off. After my interview, I was able to get my interviewers on the phone. I asked why I wan't being ocnisdered for the job I had just interviewed for -- she replied not to give up hope. My persistence due to Railroad Job Guide paid off, I was hired a month later."
-Thanks, Ken T

Its been two years since I was hired on a Class 1 Railroad. I wish I had nknow this line of work could be so fulfilling when I was just startign out. The Railroad Job Guidereally helped me out. I was turned down the first several times I interviewed, then I read the book and within a month I was hired and in conductor school."
-Thanks, Tom D, Conductor Tom

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