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Find out how you can land a job as safety manager in the railroad industry. Learn what a safety manager does, how to obtain safety manager training and understand the safety manager salary strucutre.

The Railroad Safety Manager oversees all safety measures on the railroad.

Railroad Safety Manager Job Duties

Railroad Safety Managers must have knowledge of all Federal Railroad Administration rules and regulations. Knowledge of Department of Transportation rules governing railroads, and OSHA regulations is also required. The Railroad Safety Manager develops policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all regulations. The Railroad Safety Manager may also conduct safety presentations to all railroad employees so the employees are aware of all policy.

Railroad Safety Manager Training and Salary

Railroad Safety Managers should have a college degree in management or business. Railroad Safety Managers needs to be familiar with Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, OSHA, HazMat, and other safety regulations.

Since a Railroad Safety Manager is a management level position, salaries can reach $80,000 or more per year, depending on location and size of railroad. [Source: www.indeed.com]

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