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Sampling of Railroad Worker Resumes as of January 20, 2019.

Maintenance of Way, Track Inspector, Foreman, Track Laborer, Equipment Operator
Mike Roberts

Signal Technician/Foreman
Brian Newton

Stephon Donaldson

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Locomotive Mechanic
Robert Lawson

Track Repairman
Arnold Jones

Track Laborer / Inspector
Lou Tomassone

Maintenance of Way Coordinator and Manager, Engineering Logistics
Constance Curcio

Track Maintenance
Dustin Litchfield

Railyard Switchman
Charles Malone

Conductor Trainee, Hostler, Brakeman
Kayla Anderson

Licensed Locomotive Engineer
David Odonnell

Rail-way Engineer / Track Inspector
Anatoly Lunin

Senior Track Inspector
Kent Jackson

Train Dispatcher
Scott Peters

Track Welder, Assistant Track Inspector, Welding Supervisor, Roadmaster
Larry Vickers

Track Maintenance
James Pickens

Conductor / Locomotive Mechanic
Lee Cline

Locomotive Technician
Rodney Bubble

Railroad Maintenance Manager
Darius Phillips

Track Supervisor & Roadmaster
John Swangler

Locomotive Engineer / Crew Manager
Jonathan Lanier

Railroad Yard or Maintence
Benjamin Cook

Roadmaster, Track Inspector
Robert Adams

Railway Engineer /Railway Conductor
George Conohan

Switchman / Conductor
Michael Singleton

Train Dispatcher
Anthony Furman

General Superintendent in the Railroad Industry
Dan Priestas

Supervisor Railyard, Carman
Charles Lawrence Castro

Railroad Mechanic experience on EMD locomotives
Dale Brue

Locomotive Engineer
Lane De Vors

Industrial Truck Driver (Class A & B CDL driver)
Jack Martin

Locomotive Reliability Manager, Electrician
Jeffrey J. Schneider

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