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If you know you want a career in railroading, acquiring training and knowledge of railroad operations is helpful in gaining employment. Many railroads will also require you to participate in their own training programs, whether you have advanced training or not. Major railroads such as BNSF, Union Pacific and CSX offer training courses and on-the-job training for their new employees after they are hired.

The National Academy of Railroad Sciences, located on the campus of Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, offers classes and hands-on training in various railroad careers. They offer Fast Track training in careers such as conductor, carman, locomotive electrician, locomotive mechanic, signalman, and welder. Fast Track courses range from $3,628 to $6,240 and last from four to eight weeks, depending on the training course.

The University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research offers courses in railroad track safety and maintenance.

Railroad Certification and Training

Engineer training, conductor training, and engineer re-certification is available at the Modoc Railroad Academy in Madison, California. The University of Illinois also offers a Railroad Engineering program.

Okefenokee Technical College in Georgia offers a Freight Conductor Program, and certification programs in Locomotive Electrical Systems and Locomotive Mechanical Systems.

Railroad Colleges and Schools

Other railroad training programs are available at Michigan Tech, Michigan State University, and Sacramento City College.

CSX Railroad Careers and Training

Once hired at a railroad, you may need to attend company-specific training. CSX Transportation requires new freight conductors attend their 6 week freight conductor course at the CSX Railroad Education and Development Institute in Atlanta, and complete 16 weeks of on-the job training. CSX also offers railroad management training.

BNSF Railroad Education and Careers

BNSF offers railroad internships and railroad management training programs.

Union Pacific Training Courses and careers

Union Pacific requires a 14-week training course for train crew employees, combining classroom and on-the job training. Union Pacific also offers Operational Management training.

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