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Find out how you can land a job as signal operator and switch operator in the railroad industry. Learn what a signal operator and switch operator does, how to obtain signal operator and switch operator training and understand the signal operator and switch operator salary strucutre.

Signals and Communication Jobs - Proper use of trackside signals is a must in railroading. Correct signals can help prevent accidents with vehicles and pedestrians at grade crossings, and train derailments along the tracks.

Much of the communication in railroading is done remotely. Railroad signal operators install, maintain and repair signals on tracks, at grade crossings, and in the rail yard. Signals are operated electronically, and monitored by dispatchers and/or signal operators.

Signal Operator Duties

Railroad Signal Operator duties include but are not limited to:
  1. Installing cables and new signal equipment
  2. Testing signal equipment for safe operation
  3. Monitor operation of trackside signals that direct train movement
  4. Monitor grade crossing warning systems
  5. May also use hand signals to signal locomotive engineers

Railroad Signal Operator Training

As with most other jobs on the railroad, the Railroad Signal Operator must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Railroad Signal Operators are also required to complete the company training program. This may include on-the-job training as well. A Railroad Signal Operator should have a starting salary of around $30,000 per year. [Source: www.careeroverview.com]

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