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Union Pacific Railroad History

The Union Pacific Railroad is the oldest and largest railroad employment company in the United States. Founded in 1862, Union Pacific is an integral part of US railroad history providing jobs for the masses. They were a joint company in the first transcontinental railroad. Much of the railroad's growth was achieved with acquisitions, and currently it also holds significant interests in Ferromex-the largest railway line in Mexico. Union Pacific has endured through 2 bankruptcies, and a court-ordered split from Southern Pacific Railroad. Through it's long and storied history, Union Pacific is both an iconic company of days gone-by and a powerful force in today's goods transportation.

Union Pacific Railroad Today

  • The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • They have $40 billion in assets, with annual revenue of $18 billion.
  • Union Pacific services nearly all areas west of the Mississippi River, is the 2nd largest landholder in the US and largest west of the Mississippi, maintains their own police department and 50,000 Employees, and owns 9,000 locomotives along with 100,000 freight cars. Union Pacific is immense.
  • They operate in 23 states, with 55,000 miles of rail.
  • UP provides jobs for 50,000 employees
  • Though they originally operated a passenger service, that branch has since been taken over by AmTrak. UP exclusively serves freight transportation.
  • They have had 34 company presidents, with James R. Young currently serving.
At times, Union Pacific has been sharply criticized for lax of employee safety standards and close ties to federal safety investigators. There have been multiple derailments-some involving toxic gas spillage-leading to multiple hospitalizations. More recently, the railroad has maintained a better record. Union Pacific has also introduced measures to become "greener." Specifically, the company designed a new locomotive with lower fuel usage, dubbed the "Green Goat."

Union Pacific Railroad Jobs

Because the UP employs 50,000 people, it is a significant employer in the US job market. In their own words, "Union Pacific has offered challenging and rewarding work to fit diverse needs, talents and ambitions."The best way to find a railroad job with UP is to take a look at the open positions online. You could work doing anything from being a special agent, a technician, signal operator, to an engineer. Because of the railroad's size, the company almost always has available positions, in a number of areas.

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