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Find out how you can land a job as yard master in the railroad industry. Learn what a yard master does, how to obtain yard master training and understand the yard master salary strucutre.

The Yard Master performs duties similar to a Conductor, only in the rail yard instead of on the train.

The Yard Master supervises the yard conductors, and oversees all railroad yard operations. The Yard Master plans, controls and manages track use in the rail yards. Rail yards can often be stressful and full of activity, and the Yard Master must be able to perform well under pressure.

Yard Master Duties and Responsibilities

Yardmasters often operate on a set schedule, although not necessarily a 9 to 5 schedule. Yard Masters work outdoors in all types of weather, supervising Yard Conductors and other yard workers. Yard Masters may be required to manually operate yard track switches and guide trains through the yard. Yard Masters can also issue train orders, couple and uncouple cars, inspect cars, and perform other duties of the Yard Conductor.

Yard Master Training and Salary

Yard Masters are generally promoted from within the railroad they work for and have experience as a conductor, signal operator, or switch/brakeman. The average Yard Master salary is $32,000 per year.

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